5 Step Web Design System

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Kickass Design, High Converting and Budget Friendly 🙀👌


You are a social media agency.

And if someone is paying you a couple of thousand dollars per month to manage their online presence, they might look at your brand presence too.

Better website = More clients

Design that focuses on client acquisition.

Everything from Design, User Experience, and Flow are well thought out. It's like a multi-page funnel that focuses on closing clients.



5 Step Web Design System.

You know the importance while working on any project, We follow our 5-step system to ensures the quality and timely creation of your website.


Step 1: Visioning

This one is simple, we always start with your vision for your agency and how it separates you from your competitors.

In order to build the best website for you, we need to understand your business first. We figure out the niche you are trying to target, your ideal customer and the end goal you want to achieve with this website.

Step 2: Roadmap

After visioning, we get back to our office and start planning what would be the best way to achieve your goals via website.

In this step, we lay down the plan and roadmap we will follow throughout the project. We will figure out exactly the structure your website will follow, How the user will flow from one page to another, How many pages your website need. The pages typically include Home, About, Contact, Service, Pricing, Portfolio, Blog and Testimonials.

By the end of this step we both are clear on our parts, you are clear on the content or other materials that you will be providing and we will be clear on design/features/timeline needed for the website.


Step 3: Design

Based on your color and font preference, we will design a brand board for you. This is important to keep design consistency across all your marketing channels (not only website).

We will figure out the fonts, colors, patterns, cta buttons, icons, images and other design elements used throughout the design process.

By the end of this process, home page and all other pages of your website will be designed. If we don’t have the content ready for this step we will use the dummy content.

Step 4: Optimization

The most important job of your website is to convert visitors coming to your website into leads and customers.

In this step, we will add different integrations to your website and Plugins to improve SEO. We will also add tracking codes such as Facebook pixel and Google Analytics code so that you could measure the growth of your business.

We will also test the User experience and Responsiveness of website on mobile devices.


Step 5: Launch

In this final step after making all the minor changes, we will transfer your website from our servers to your server.

We will handover all password and IDs and educate you on how to use the website.

Is this system right for you?

Absolutely! 👍

You are a Marketing Agency

You are just starting out and don’t have a web designer on your team

You know exactly how you want your website to look when we are done

You are frustrated with low quality work from Fiverr or Upwork

You are following successful people and are driven to succeed

You can commit to a timeline

Maybe Not... 😢

You’re not sure if your website is important to you

You don’t have a vision or plan for your website or business

You are not available to answer questions

You are looking for the cheapest prices

You don't care about quality of your website

Question you are dying to ask 😂

What would be the Investment?

Starting at $1297

Your website will include:

  • Visioning help - Includes discovery questions and brainstorming sessions to help you get clear on whats best for you
  • 30-minute consultation to discuss the process and get a road map in place
  • Brand board - to get clear on colors and style which we will use through our website
  • High converting Custom designed homepage - created by reverse engineering your goals and content form
  • 5 other designed pages - Can be chosen from About, Services, Pricing, Contact, Testimonial, Portfolio, Blog
  • Mobile friendly and responsive websites, Its important for Google Ranking and User Experience
  • Blazing fast speed optimization, Hold on tight 😉

Is investment too High or is it too low?

I find all the type of people who ask me for websites, some find my work too cheap other find it too high.

I really don't know which category you are, but here is why I came to choose this investment figure, I will be spending many hours and days to produce this website for you. Something like this would take a minimum investment of $1600 with me, but because I am working with agencies I decided to create a discounted product.

Even if you get one client from your website, you will make back more money than what you have invested.

The quality of work will not be affected by money because I want more referrals and high-quality clients, which will not come if I throw low-quality websites into the market.

Keep in mind that professional design agencies (and you know it) charge at least 4 times of that and outsource or delegate a lot of their work to Freelances.

I'd be happy to work with you, but if you have something other than this in your mind, please feel free to contact me.

How to get started?

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After you fill this application form I will get in touch with you and we could start working together on the 5 Step process.

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