How to Use Tai Lopez PASE System to Design Your Website (With Examples)

Here is the truth about building any website:

It will never appeal to all type of people because everybody has a different perspective.

Way too many people slap a template or pretty design on their homepage and think “Good Design is enough”.

They think if the website looks good, loads fast “Clients will automatically start rolling in”

I hope it was that easy…

Just like other good things, the good website takes hard work and smart work.

If you are serious about generating high-quality leads and appeal to maximum people.

You need a system while building websites.

Today I’m going to show you the system that guarantees to convert visitors coming to your website into customers and followers, using an unconventional way of thinking about designing your website.

Sounds crazy? No.

Let me show you how it is.

The PASE personality type system.

If you are following Tai Lopez on Social Media, you might have heard him talking about his own personality type system called PASE system.

PASE = Practice Action Social Emotional

Everybody has these 4 personality traits, some traits are more dominant than others. We should create our website so that it appeals to all 4 type of personalities while maximizing conversion as a result.

Basically what we are gonna talk about is:

  • You have to understand that everybody is different
  • One type of approach won’t work on all of them
  • Divide these people into groups according to their personality types
  • Create a website that appeals to all 4 types

I will explain all this in a moment.

But first, let’s talk about why we are using PASE system.

There are plenty of Personality type systems out there like Meyers Briggs, Hexaco etc.

All of them are great.

But the thing that lacks in almost all of them is everyday practicality.

You can’t easily use them to plan your marketing strategy.

Want to know the best part about PASE system?

It’s practical…

PASE system is different, you can easily (most of the time) identify, what type of approach you can use to appeal to the person you are dealing with.

You don’t have to have them go through lengthy questionnaires, that’s not practical in many situations.

Tai Lopez explains that you have to avoid extreme ideologies, one type of approach never works on everybody.

And that makes sense too.

“To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

So instead of creating your marketing strategy around what you think is good, start creating it around personalities of your customers.

Going after only one type of trait would lead to alienation of other 75% of prospective clients.

So what is PASE System

It’s simple, everybody has 4 personality traits.

Practical, Action, Social and Emotional.

Here is an example of how to identify them:

  • A friend who gets a new idea like every month starts working on it and then next time you meet them they are doing something completely different – Action
  • Someone who is very logical gets all the chores done on time, creating plans and pretty much like to live in a certain way. – Practical
  • A friend she just likes to be around people, have lots of connections, like to go to popular places, but stuff that’s in trend. – That’s Social
  • Sensitive friend, always worried and suspicious about things, intuitive and likes to have deep discussions. – Emotional

What’s the bottom line?

Everybody has all 4 qualities, but some are more dominant than the other.

The dominant trait is what people base their decision on.

For example, social person. They won’t comment on a Facebook post until other people are commenting on it, or buy a product from Amazon only when people have left reviews on it.

On the other hand practical person, they won’t buy it until they have read multiple reviews of the product, watched videos about it, did a comparison, basically have all the details before buying it.

But here’s the kicker:

While designing our website, we need to appeal to all 4 personality types, even if you have to attract only one group of people, they still have other 3 traits.

So adding appeal to attract all 4 traits, will not only attract all 4 types of people, it increases the appeal of your website to every single of them. So best of both worlds, nothing to lose.

Then how do you know what website content structure would appeal to each of these people?

Here’s how:

In the next sections I will break down details about each type:

We will dig deeper into each personality type and learn:

  • How to identify them
  • What appeals to X personality type
  • Website Elements that you could use with examples

Note: I will be focusing on elements that you can use in your website to influence behavior and not on copy writing or story telling. And having a right structure can make it easier for you to write copy too.

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Practical Type:

They don’t like much change, they are slow in their work, but patient and consistent, which is good.

They like to work on a schedule, need to have lots of learning before they start doing something, they just want to be sure because they feel paralyzed if they don’t have complete information before they take action.

These are the people who would scroll down on your website to reach FAQ section, read specification about your product or service, would contact you and ask all sort of questions before buying.

Practical people are not good at starting things, but they are good at finishing things (due to patience)

How to appeal to practical people.

Because of their investigative and informative nature, just directly give them what they want.

Include FAQ section on your website, have proper details about your product, in detail contact information.

They like plans, so show them a plan of how you will be working with them, take them through each step of the process.

Most importantly be patient, it’s their nature to make decisions slowly, you can’t force them. Put pressure on them and they are out.

Give them enough reasons and logic to buy so that they could allow themselves to invest.

Website elements

Details and specification section.

Displaying your offer is great, and by breaking your offer into details steps will influence them more.

Process section: Visual representation of the process on how you will help them get the result.

FAQ section: Answering most common objections of your customers even before it comes to their minds.

Pricing Comparison: A comparison chart helps your prospect to make a better choice according to themselves.

Action Type:

Action type is not patient, they want quick results. They want something they are getting it right now.

They have an idea, they might start implementing it right away. They’re more hands-on, try new stuff kind of people.

When things go slow, they become frustrated.

They are totally comfortable taking action even without complete information yet.

These are the people who go to the mall for maybe watch and end up buying a pair of sneakers just like that.

Action type is good at starting things but not good at finishing (they get bored pretty quickly)

How to appeal to action people.

They want to get thing fast, and they want it now.

Lead magnets work best for this personality type, give them a compelling headline, and they will quickly give you their email address.

They don’t like to read too much, so put all the information in a simple consumable format, or display it in video format or graphically, so they can just scan their eyes through it.

Have a big contrasting call to actions on your website, I don’t know why so many sites forget to add multiple call to actions, having more CTA’s improves availability bias too.

Show them result add CTA, about us section add another CTA. Include CTA everywhere.

Fast loading website.

Use “Now”, “Yes” or similar words, “Download Now”, “Call Now”, “We will get back to you within 30 min”, “Let’s do it”.

Website elements

Hero section with a call to action: This is the most important section of any website, some people call it a God area.

Having a solid headline makes visitors move to the next section of your website, you don’t have to insert fancy sliders in this area keep it simple.

(because image sliders are bad for conversions)

CTA’s: Call to actions are the life blood of any website, Place multiple calls to actions leading to the same action on your website as it creates availability bias, making it easier for the customer to take action.

Here you can see how I placed different CTA’s together, all of them will lead to the booking of a client.

Lead magnet pop-up example: Strategic placement of popup improve conversion of your website many folds.

Add Visuals explaining your offers/plans/services etc.

Social Type:

They love people, more of a go with a flow, YOLO types.

They are more likely to eat in a busy restaurant than if is it empty

Always talking, people who make friends very easily, like attention.

They become socially influenced more than anything else. Social type looks for the best product on the internet, but they won’t buy it until they see the ratings.

Their decisions are based on what other people might think or how many people are doing it.

They are more concerned about if they can like you and trust you.

And want to feel that they are not the only one to use your product or service.

They want to make sure that other people have taken risk of buying your product.

How to appeal to social people.

Social proof works great for this type.

Show then that other people are buying your stuff, show them that their competitors are doing it, and they should do it too.

Show them results for x,y,z client and display it with screenshots and testimonials.

Add pictures of your team, office and your own headshot. This will make them trust you more.

Website elements

Authority: Check out how Tai Lopez has used graphics to add high authority to his 67 step sales page

Here is my client’s website, we designed it to create the highest social proof possible. His website has 30+ photos like this creating a strong authority.

Community section: Instead of just saying join my Facebook group, include screenshots and maybe some “Challenge” activity going in your group.

Testimonial section: You can add any type of testimonials you like, but video testimonial works the best as they couldn’t be faked.

Videos / Brand story: Adding brand story will help social people get more connected to your business as social people like to work with people more than companies.

Social media profiles:

Emotional Type:

This type is sensitive, they are more driven by fear or worry than any other bias.

These people will book go out on a movie with friends not because they like to be social, but because they don’t want to be left out.

They are worried about being scammed too. You need to make them trust you. They like to try things before pulling out their credit cards.

The buying decision is based more on fear of losing things.

They need to know that you understand them emotionally and empathetically, before buying from you.

How to appeal to emotion people.

Explain to them what could they be losing if they don’t buy your product.

Take their fear of getting scammed by adding security badges and proof of working with big companies.

Add money back guarantee, your phone number, and proper contact details.

Your website should look trust able and not some cheap Sammy looking template.

Website sections

Personal Touch: Make a connection with them on an emotional level by sharing your own story.

Money back guarantees so that they can try things before buying it and trust you even more.

Fear: Push and pull, pain and reward are the basic drivers of human motivations, adding some sections which induce fear or missing out makes your website more persuasive.

Security badges, certificates: Your website must be HTTPS secured, it helps to create trust as well as rank better on Google.


You could influence visitors behavior by building a better website based on PASE system.

It makes a lot of sense once you understand it.

Now Try This

I hope you see how you can use PASE system for your website and business.

Start thinking about what sections could you add to your website.

Now you have the system in place.

It might take some extra effort, but in the end, you will be already ahead of most of your competitors.

You are working on something that has a good strategy and framework behind it (Instead of creating a random design that just looks good).

You could even explain this system to your clients or customers, which will make you stand out from the rest.

Ready to get Started?

Enter your email and website below and I will give my brutally honest review on how it stands according to PASE system.

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